Allez les (Game)cocks!

10 Fév

If you ever go to a USC (that is University of South Carolina) football game, you will find yourself screaming « Go cocks! »… Very strange at first! We brought my French sister and brother-in-law to a game a couple of years ago, and we could not stop laughing because the other side of the stadium was prompted to scream « Game », and our side had to scream « Cocks »… this lasted a whole game. So we translated with the alternative meaning of cock=rooster (so right, the other meaning…), and in French, that is: « Allez les bites! » (We wanted to text it to the big board but it did not work… I wish! I would have taken a picture!).

Now my blogger friend from « Je parle américain » talked about how it sounds sophisticated in English when you use French words… but to be careful about faux-pasfaux-amis or double-entendre. Unfortunately, one more American company did not take the precaution to have their recent ad for mini-quiches checked by a French consultant. The result, a slogan with an interesting twist:

Small cocks,
Big compliments!

Nancy’s recent advert has made quite an impression on the French community

And to top it all off, a picture of a man with two women… I have to say, this is the best worldwide publicity for the company. Not with the intendended effect, but with a fun side-effect!

As for me, I like the Petites Quiches and will continue to use them for big events… The « Small cocks, big compliments » quiches are available at your local grocery store. Bon appétit!

16 Réponses vers “Allez les (Game)cocks!”

  1. the online diary of an American in Paris février 10, 2012 à 10:05 #

    Oh! I’m rolling on the floor laughing … especially at that ad, which—before French lessons—wouldn’t have ever caught my attention. I love this post … with the sole exception that I am a die-hard Clemson Tiger, so you’d never, ever hear me shout « Go Cocks! », especially at Williams-Brice because, if I were there, it would be the Clemson-Carolina game!

    Again, GREAT article. I’m going to share it on Facebook for all my South Carolina friends and family!

    • the online diary of an American in Paris février 10, 2012 à 10:06 #

      « it would be FOR the Clemson-Carolina game »

    • FrenchNad février 10, 2012 à 10:23 #

      So glad you enjoyed it! Yes, it is a strange thing to shout… We wanted to take my sister and BIL to a Clemson game, but it did not work with the schedule. My husband though, is mainly a UGA fan, but he did his IMBA at USC, so there is a little love and support there… We have some family members who are USC, others who are (all out) Tigers… so it gets interesting during football season. I am neutral, like Switzerland! I just enjoy the GAME!

  2. the online diary of an American in Paris février 10, 2012 à 10:27 #

    Reblogged this on je parle américain and commented:
    The next post from je parle américain won’t come until Sunday. To tide you over, allow me to share this post from my blogger friend over at Le mot du (bon)jour. I recently wrote about how much French is actually in the English we speak, and her post highlights the confusion that can arise from mixing French and English without considering how a French person will interpret it. Today’s « mot rigolo » (« funny word ») is guaranteed to make you chuckle. Enjoy!

    • FrenchNad février 10, 2012 à 10:30 #

      Thanks very much for the reblog. I am honored! I originally had titled my post « Allez les bites! », but it might have been a bit too « shocking »… 😉 Well happy Friday in the city of lights!

  3. les piles février 10, 2012 à 12:26 #

    Au moins, cet inoubliable slogan m’aura donné l’occasion de découvrir deux chouettes blogs : celui-ci et « je parle américain ». Merci qui ? Merci Nancy’s !

    • FrenchNad février 10, 2012 à 12:32 #

      Tout à fait, la communauté francophone internationale sait se regrouper quand il s’agit d’humour, et surtout quand une autre occasion se présente de se moquer de la naïveté américaine! Quelle quiche, le responsable marketing de Nancy’s ! 😉
      Au fait, je suis une « Trekkie » (enfin, j’aime bien quoi… sshhh-chute !), et j’ai bien aimé votre article sur la Machine Translation avec la vidéo de Spock… ils sont fous, ces techno-geeks !

  4. grenobloise février 10, 2012 à 13:30 #

    Oh I just couldn’t resist adding this photo on my Facebook wall. Hilarious!

    • FrenchNad février 10, 2012 à 13:34 #

      Thanks for stopping by, and yes, I did the same thing! My friend Clemence tagged me on her fb update when she posted the picture, it was just too good not to share!

      • chickster février 10, 2012 à 17:50 #

        Boo Clemson Tigers! At least our mascot Cocky isn’t hard to translate =)

      • FrenchNad février 10, 2012 à 18:17 #

        Indeed, cockiness is universal! 😉

  5. Ella Coquine février 11, 2012 à 06:42 #

    I’ve definitely had my mix-ups with this word where I’ve entire French family over holiday supper that I was allergic to dick (because I didn’t know the word betterave) !

    Glad it’s not just me!

    This is ad is just too good…I posted it on my facebook. : ) AH! i just read up that grenobloise did the same thing! Funny.

    • FrenchNad février 11, 2012 à 08:45 #

      Ella, that is hilarious, I am at a conference reading your comment and I am giggling!! Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

  6. Catherine février 11, 2012 à 13:51 #

    Hilarious! I guess no one from Nancy’s speaks French!

    • FrenchNad février 11, 2012 à 14:05 #

      Haha, I guess not! So much for French branding…


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